An ongoing inquiry into the meaning of form that tries to prove the reliability of apparent connections.
"A diagonal intersection between the museum bench and postmodern notions of anti-ergonomic architecture
"My snap-chat collection of de-gendered, un-gendered, lower torsos; ruminating forms, chewing shapes; making Brancusi proud again.
"Cascading Style Sheet" (n.2 and n.3); a portrait of the artist as an amateur coder; to (ctrl+g) camouflage patterns in batches; or to define a set of .decorator subclasses for later use (ongoing).
efecto memoria -
or the critical act of rematerializing the medium

"ebay takes a fair 8% of sales"; an online show a drive-thru show about a series of desperate, amateur attempts at professional legitimacy. june 2014.
a final relapse into mystical materialism - rascarse es saturar la experiencia sólo para advertir que ya no hay referente; sentir más para no sentir nada.
"This active working with the soul forces is perfectly pictured in the Pelican. The Pelican is shown stabbing its breast with its beak and nourishing its young with its own blood. The alchemist must enter into a kind of sacrificial relationship with his inner being. He must nourish with his own soul forces, the developing spiritual embryo within. Anyone who has made true spiritual development will know well this experience. One's image of one's self must be changed, transformed, sacrificed to the developing spiritual self. This is almost invariably a deeply painful experience, which tests one's inner resources. Out of this will eventually emerge the spiritual self, transformed through the Pelican experience. The Pelican was in this spiritual sense a valid image of the Christ experience and was used as such by the early alchemists."
"These symbols were used in two ways. Firstly, as a description in a text of one aspect of the process. Thus the alchemist might indicate a certain process as the Pelican stage, and describe certain facets of this by using perhaps other symbols, Secondly, these bird symbols could be used as a subject matter for a meditation, and by inwardly building such a symbol, one connected in soul with the essential experience of the particular stage of the alchemical-soul process." source
"The Pelican Brief" begins with the dual assassination of two Supreme Court Justices. Justice Rosenberg, a liberal, is killed at his home while the conservative Justice Jensen is killed inside a gay porn movie theater in Washington. The circumstances surrounding their deaths, and the deaths themselves, shock and confuse a politically divided nation.

"The only way really to be an atheist is through Christianity. Christianity is much more atheist than the usual atheism, which can claim there is no God and so on, but nonetheless it retains a certain trust into the Big Other. this Big Other can be called natural necessity, evolution, or whatever. We humans are nonetheless reduced to a position within the harmonious whole of evolution, whatever, but the difficult thing to accept is again that there is no Big Other, no point of reference which guarantees meaning."
bonus track:
a work by Tino Sehgal
MoMA, May 14, 2014, museum's closing-time. There's a ceremony going on at the sculpture garden and the access to the museum is not fluid. 25 to 30 persons get packed inside the elevator. After waiting for more than 10 minutes the elevator stops, goes down, stops, and finally goes up. The general feeling of frustation is described branded by a pedantic visitor as "a work by Tino Sehgal".
or how contemporary art doesn't stop us from defining bodily experience in the name of a brand, yet again.
← In the previous image, in light green on black background, we can see the 2D drawing of the constellation of Eridanus (the river) as seen from our home planet. On the right we can see all of its stars in their correct spatial location, the black line following the same original drawing and rendering it completely nonsensical ↑

× The distance between the star in the low right corner and the star in the center touching the drawing, is about 800 light years ×

→ When connected together these points in space give form to a limited number of solid combinations, that are then use as tools to establish an affective bridge to the unfathomable.
Despite the similarity of its projective geometry it musn't be confused with a tesseract — whilst rotation is a visual aid for understanding the fourth dimension of polytopes, the hyperframe's movement is the constituent of its very existence ←