"Long live the old flesh"; or how to engage with text as matter, concept and action after whatsapp. 2016. Nogueras Blanchard. Hospitalet, Barcelona, Spain.
"Material Girls"; or a linguistic device made out of volume. 2016. Salón Ángela Cuadra, SWAB. Barcelona, Spain.
"The Random Series"; or how to randomly act as a curator when the artist doesn't need one. 2015. Centro de Arte Alcobendas. Madrid, Spain.
"hhipehrtelhia"; or how to navigate the exhuberant galleries of excess and vanity. 2014. Sala Arte Joven Comunidad de Madrid. Madrid, Spain.
"Flores; abismo; parataxis"; or how to disrupt the background-foreground dialectic behind image and text. 2012. La Casa Encendida. Madrid, Spain.